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21. Land and settlement in the Cuchumatan highlands (1500-1821) : a study in the historical geography of northwestern Guatemala

Lovell, William George, 1951-
Edmonton, Alberta : University of Alberta., 1980
TE UA HIS L59 1980 Biblioteca

22. Los mayas del altiplano: supervivencia indígena en Chiapas y Guatemala

Lovell, William George, 1951-
Sevilla 2002
D-6578 Archivo Vertical

23.  Ninety-two not out : Eduardo Galeano and the Columbus Quincentenary

Lovell, William George, 1951-
s.l s.e s.f
D-1400 Archivo Vertical

24. Place, space, and community in High Land Guatemala : a search for origins and evolution.

Lovell, William George, 1951- Swezey, William Ransom, 1933-1989.

25.  Population change in the Cuchumatán Highlands of Guatemala / William George Lovell1951-

Lovell, William George 1951-
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26.  Rethinking conquest : the colonial experience in Latin America./ Lovell, William George.

Lovell, William George, 1951-
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D-1221 Archivo Vertical

27.  Saqueo en el archivo : el paradero de los tesoros documentales guatemaltecos

Kramer, Wendy
Guatemala : Centro de Investigaciones Regionales de Mesoamérica (CIRMA), Centro de Estudios Urbanos y Regionales (CEUR), Plumsock Mesoamerican Studies, 2014
F 1465.3 .R44 K73 2014

28. Strange lands and different peoples : Spaniards and Indians in colonial Guatemala

Lovell, William George, 1951-
F 1465.3 .G6 L69 2013

29. Strike Fear in the Land : Pedro de Alvarado and the Conquest of Guatemala, 1520-1541

Lovell, W. George (William George) 1951-
F 1466.4 .L685 2020

30. Survivors on the move : maya migration in time and space

Lutz, Christopher Hayden, 1941-- Lovell, William George, 1951-

31.  The century after independence : land and life in Guatemala, 1821-1920.

Lovell, William George, 1951-
s.l s.e s.f
D-2227 Archivo Vertical

32. The highland maya : an essay for the Cambridge history of the native peoples of the Americas / William George Lovell.

Lovell, William George, 1951-
Ontario, Canadá : Queen's University at Kingston, s.f.
F1256 .H54 .L68

33. The population history of Spanish Central America

Lovell, William George, 1951- Lutz, Christopher Hayden, 1941--
[s.l.] [s.e.] [s.f.]

34.  The Secret judgements of God : disease and depopulation in early colonial Guatemala / William George Lovell

Lovell, William George, 1951-
s.l. : s.e. , 1988

35.  Voices from the dark : recent writing on Guatemala / w. George Lovell

Lovell, William George, 1951-

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