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1. 4o. Congreso de Estudios Mayas -Lingüística y Antropología-

Universidad Rafael Landívar.
Guatemala : Universidad Rafael Landívar, 2002.
AP63 .C8268 v. 1 2002

2.  A Chicomoztoc in Teotihuacan? : an interpretation of the cave underneath the pyramid of the sun in Teotihuacan, México / Doris Heyden

Heyden, Doris
México : Centro de Investigaciones Superiores del INAH, 1973
D-0154 AV

3. A classic Maya family tomb

Hammond, Norman Pretty, Kate Saul, Frank P

4. A guide to ancient Mexican ruins.

Hunter, C. Bruce.
Norman University of Oklahoma Press 1978
L-06,635. Biblioteca

5.  A New temple at Tikal / Heinrich Berlin

Berlin, Heinrich
s.l. : s.e. , 1953

6. A sacrificial mass burial at Miramar, Chiapas, Mexico.

Agrinier, Pierre.
Provo, Utah Brigham Young University, New World Archaeological Foundation 1978

7. A study of changing pre-Columbian commercial systems : the 1972-1973 seasons at Cozumel, Mexico.

Sabloff, Jeremy A. Rathje, William L. editores.
Cambridge, Massachusetts Harvard University, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology 1975

8.  Algunos apuntes sobre el texto de la estela 31 de Tikal / Federico Fahsen

Fahsen, Federico
s.l. : s.e. , s.f.
D-0080 Archivo Vertical

9. Alternativas del Clásico Temprano en la relación Tikal-Teotihuacan : grupo 6C-XVI, Tikal, Petén, Guatemala

Laporte, Juan Pedro
México : UNAM, 1989
TE UNAM ANT L37 1989 Biblioteca

10. An "archaeology" of Chichén Itzá : discourse, power and resistance in a Maya tourist site.

Castañeda, Quetzil Eugenio.
Albany State University of New York 1991

11. An introduction to the ceramics of Tres Zapotes Veracruz, Mexico / C. W. Weiant.

Weiant, C. W.
Washington, D.C. : Smithsonian Institution Bureau of American Ethnology, 1943.
TER F1219.1 .T7 .W415 TER-1319

12. Análisis tipológico de artefactos. Angel García Cook.

García Cook, Angel.
México, Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia 1967.
F 1219 .M627 no. 12

13. Ancient cities and modern tribes : exploration and adventure in Maya lands.

Gann, Thomas.
London Duckworth 1926

14. The ancient Maya city of Sayil : the mapping of a Puuc Region center / Jeremy A. Sabloff y Gair Tourtellot ; appendice Nicholas P. Dunning, Gair Tourtellot, Diana Christensen.

Sabloff, Jeremy A.
Nueva Orleans : Middle East Research Institute, Tulane University, 1991.
F.1435.1 .S29 .S23

15. Ancient Maya paintings of Bonampak, Mexico.

Washington, D.C. Carnegie Institution of Washington 1955

16. Ancient Maya paintings of Bonampak, Mexico / Carnegie Institution of Washington.

Carnegie Institution of Washington
Richmond : the William Byrd press, 1955.
TER-2315 TER-6033 (suplemento) TER-6034(c. 2 de suplemento)

17. Ancient Maya settlement patterns and environment at Tikal, Guatemala : implications for subsistence models.

Puleston, Dennis Edward, 1940-.
Philadelphia University of Pennsylvania 1974

18. Animals and the Maya in southeast Mexico / E.N. Anderson y Felix Medina Tzuc.

Anderson, E. N., 1941-
Tucson : University of Arizona Press, c2005.
F1435.3 .D64 A63 2005

19. Another round temple at Mayapan / Edwin M. Shook.

Shook, Edwin M.
Washington, D.C. : Carnegie Institution of Washington, Department of Archaeology, 1955.
F1434 .C97 No. 27

20. Anthropological Notebooks XV No. 3 = Early Maya astronomy and urban planning at El Mirador, Peten, Guatemala

Sprajc, Ivan Morales-Aguilar, Carlos Arturo Hansen, Richard D.
Ljubljana : USAC, 2009
F 1435.1 .M57 S63 2009

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